5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. Inflatable pools for adults

Cheers to the genius who dreamed up these adult-sized “kiddie pools,” although I don’t quite understand the point of sharing a tiny pool with someone. Three people in one inflatable pool? NO THANK YOU! That’s just too many limbs in my personal space.

I like this pool with the banana leaf print, but trust me…I’m not sharing. Each one is $42.99, and you can find them at Thunderdome Target.

2. Upload on Amazon Prime Video

Absolutely brilliant! I blazed through the entire season a few weekends ago. It’s set in the near future… 2033…and it’s about a 20-something programmer on the brink of a technology breakthrough when his life is unexpectedly cut short.

No problem though because his consciousness is uploaded to the cloud into a digital slice of virtual “heaven” that people are able to purchase as a service before their demise. Of course, this neatness comes with a price, both monetary and otherwise, and the virtual “afterlife” turns out to be far less than ideal.

I laughed, I screamed (“DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?”), I saw the afterlife through a lens I’d never seen before (big surprise!

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