5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. Printed leggings

I recently got these snake print leggings from Athleta on sale , and they’ve convinced me that, if one is committed to living life in stretchy pants, prints are the way to go!

Why? Because if you actually work out in ’em, prints hide sweat stains better than solid color leggings do. I’ve also recently discovered that prints do a better job of 1) hiding any wayward food stains and 2) underwear lines. If you’re as committed to wearing granny panties as I am, then you understand the significance of the latter.


I am deeply enamored with this cheese, veggie and hummus sandwich.

So yummy, so satisfying, and so easy to make. You can have a meal on your plate in five minutes!

The beauty of this sammie is that you can tweak it. If you want to add a protein, add a few slices of turkey, or bacon, or turkey bacon, or both kinds of bacon. If you don’t like hummus? Substitute it for smashed avocado or spinach dip.

It’s just two slices of your favorite bread, cucumber slices (sliced lengthwise and cut thin), tomato slices, two tablespoons or more of hummus, a slice or two of sharp or medium cheddar cheese and a handful of greens.

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