Are You an Aveeno Kinda Girl or Guy?

Ahhhhh, Aveeno! Remember that ad? Whoever dreamt that up is the real MVP because here I am, years later, saying “Ahhhhh, Aveeno,” every time I use Aveeno.

I’ll admit it; I’m an Aveeno girl, and I always have something from Aveeno in my bathroom.

In fact, I just picked up a couple refills from Targhay for Stress Relief Body Wash (creamy, smells like lavender, and it’s hella hydrating and comes in a big ol’ 33-oz. bottle for $9.99) and Baby Wash & Shampoo ($8.99), which Coywolf loves because it doesn’t sting her eyes.

They’re everyday staples for us.

Aveeno is on the pricier end of drugstore skin care, but if you have dry or sensitive skin, you might want to give it a try. I’m basically a living, breathing human alligator woman (translation: I have very dry skin), and everything body-care related by Aveeno agrees with me — the body washes and lotions, especially. They moisturize all the parched places (MY SHINS) and leave ’em happy. No flakes or dry spots, ever, thank you very much.

The scent depends on the item, but generally they’re light and non-obtrusive, so the products smell good, but they don’t give me a headache or interfere with perfume.

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