Are You Having Hair Trubs Right Now?

Because mine is driving me nuts.


It’s coming up on a year since my last cut (it was a grief haircut and happened right after Tabs passed away). The shape and style are long gone, so now when I try to wear it down, it just hangs there like a long shag carpet…

And now, since I end up throwing it into a pony or a low bun all the time for work, I’m in the habit of just wearing it up all the time, so I haven’t really bothered to do anything to remedy the situation.

It’s getting to that point, though, where if I don’t do anything soon, I’m gonna end up with an impulse hair chop — which sometimes works out for me, but usually doesn’t.

Are you having hair woes, too?

If you aren’t and you’re having a good hair day, week or month, first of all, HOORAY. Second, I want to hear about that, because I could do with some mane inspo! Anything to take my mind off the news!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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