Back When CDs Ruled the World

I’m feeling ’90s music nostalgia right now. It must be a side effect of carrying around a little black backpack again. I’ve been listening to some old songs I haven’t heard in literally decades.

Funny how you can not hear a song for years but still know the lyrics…

I always thought Trent Reznor seemed like a cool guy.

Gather up your jackets; move it to the exits.

Holla if you know who Alanis wrote this song about!

I wonder if this guy ever managed to get some air?

All malls looked like this one back in the day.


Those violins

Hello, it’s 1994 and I’m super emo in my Doc Martens.


Can I please get an amen from anyone who’s ever made a CD mix? I had CD mixes for my car, for working out (Who else ran with a clunky CD player?

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