Habit Trackers Make It Fun and Easy to Start New Habits or Make Changes in Your Life

Do you ever use a habit tracker? — some type of visual way to mark your daily, weekly or monthly progress when you’re trying to start a new habit? The one I use now is a weekly desk planner, but I’ve also used Post-Its and pieces of paper in a notebook.

I’ve seen daily habit tracker stamps (there are a bunch on Etsy) that also look cool.

I started regularly using my current habit tracker back in January, and I’m definitely a believer. I use it daily, and it’s surprisingly effective. It really helps to be able to see my progress at a glance, and it’s oddly satisfying to fill a square every day.

Of course, tracking is only one piece of the habit-building puzzle. I’ve also learned, and maybe this is just me, but I’ve figured out that habit-building is like building up a muscle… You start with the lightest weight, and build up.

In the beginning, start with something easy to accomplish and incorporate into your life, like spending five minutes each day on your new habit (or 10 minutes tops). Because if I try to bite off much more than that, even when I’m totally fired up about something and really, really want to commit to spending an hour on it every day, I resist the urge because new goals can quickly get overwhelming, so I force myself rein it in.

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