I’m Partial to Playful Pinks

Pink nail polish, pink lipstick, pink clothes… GIVE ME ALL THE PINK!

I harbor a strong belief that everyone is secretly a pink lover. You may not realize it yet, but one day the part of you that loves pink will awaken, and she’ll want to wear pink in every shade under the sun. The power of pink will compel you!

I almost never wore pink — not in my wardrobe or my makeup — until I was in my 20s. Before that, I thought of pink as a little kids’ color. Then I met a friend at work named Tanya, and her love of pink was absolutely infectious. She loved pink shirts, pink shoes and pink makeup, and she was the first person who pushed me to play with pink. She was unabashedly in love with the color, and I wanna be that person for you, because pink is pure cheerful.

It’s one of those unapologetically girly colors, and I just can’t help but smile when I wear it. ????

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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