Latest Target Beauty Haul! (The COVID-19 Edition)

Someday, folks will tell tales of a time when going to Target was, like…fun. They’ll gather around campfires, and I’ll tell the story of how the newborn cowolf and I would go to Target every day to stretch our legs, get out in the world and see people. There were so many “hellos!” from smiling strangers 😃 on those trips. So many kisses blown to the baby. 😘

Yeah…none of that happened on my last visit.

I left the store shaking. I saw so much rudeness and uncool behavior inside, like people pulling off their masks while shopping, others darting in front of people to grab products from shelves, and people barking at employees for trying to enforce the 6-foot radius. Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever go back to life as we knew it, and how different will the next new normal be? Will we need annual vaccines? Will children on playgrounds two years from now still be wearing masks?

I find myself wondering why, back in the day (two months ago), I never realized how sweet and carefree it was to just wander around a store…

A few good things did result from my last Target “adventure,” like, I was finally able to pick up some staples we’ve been out of (hello, Banza gluten-free pasta!

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