Lip of the Day: MAC Fashion Legacy

MAC Fashion Legacy is a real heavy lifter, and by that I mean that you can wear it with minimal makeup on the rest of your face and have a full finished look in less than five minutes. Bright red lips: spiriting makeup lovers to work on time, one tube at a time!

I wore this to the bakery yesterday and didn’t feel the need to touch up at all during my shift, which included making a delicious sheet of pecan chewy bars (here’s a recipe in case you’ve never heard of them).

Fashion Legacy is an opaque, fire truck red, and it’s one of the MAC Retro Matte liquid lipsticks. I like the Retro Mattes because they stay glued to your lips, so they don’t scoot, but the formula is still a little flexible, so your lips don’t look like a cracked, gross mess as the day wears on. I can eat and drink with them on my lips, and my lips still look presentable afterward, so they’re great for parties (or long days at work).

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