More Firsts! (And a Travel Beauty Tip)

Yesterday was a day of more firsts on this trip. Like, Connor and I saw our first rainbow (of the trip), and we seriously lost our damn minds.

Rainbows, man. No matter what age you are, they never get old.

Yesterday was also the first time I’ve ever been to the Honolulu Zoo. El Hub grew up here, though, and he went all the time when he was a little keiki, but it was also his first time going in decades.

I highly recommend doing the zoo if you visit Oahu with young children or toddlers! It’s right at the Eastern edge of Waikiki, and it’s a relatively small zoo compared to some of the big ones on the mainland. The grounds are incredible, and the exhibits aren’t so far apart from each other that you spend half your time walking between them, so it’s easy for the little ones (and the lazy adults).

There’s also a large playground area in the center of the zoo surrounded by benches underneath a shaded canopy of gigantic banyon trees, and it’s a wonderful spot to listen to the sounds of the zoo, watch the peacocks milling about, and take a short break.

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