Next Stop: Caron Paris

Saw this on my feed this morning, and it hit a little too close to home, LOL!

As Fox Mulder famously said, “The truth is out there…” I agree, and I think that someday the truth will finally be revealed about whether some Starbucks baristas purposefully muck up your name. 😒

Extra points for creativity to the young man who spelled my name exactly like this luxury French fragrance house: Caron Paris.

Thanks to my friend Joey for pointing this out!

I’d never heard of Caron Paris before Joey mentioned it, and now I have yet another place to add to my long list of places I’d like to shop when I go back to Paris (whenever that may be!).

Caron has been making high-end perfumes (both for women and men) and makeup since 1904, and they have three boutiques in the most fashionable neighborhoods in Paris.

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#Rose Michel Morsetti, captivated by its many nuances chose to evoke the delicateness of a rosebud picked at dawn, the fragrance of wild roses. #Caron #CaronPerfume #Tribute #NotreDameDeParis

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Délire de Roses, A fragrance that combines every quality of the huge variety of roses that abound in nature.

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