Notebook Nirvana…

I jokingly mentioned to El Hub that I could fill countless volumes of this blank notebook titled “Ledger of Perceived Slights,” and he replied, “Yeah, you could,” a little too enthusiastically.


I honestly didn’t know whether to punch him or kiss him… The man knows me too well, HA HA HA! ????

I saw it while shopping for a birthday gift at Copperfield’s Books in Novato, but it’s also available online.

Even though I really wanted it and the other notebooks with slightly snarky titles on the shelf for myself, I have a not-so-small collection of blank notebooks threatening to bury me under an avalanche of paper at the moment, so I resisted the urge.

Marie Kondo would not be proud


A lot of the writing I do is on a keyboard, but there’s just something wonderful about old-school pen and paper! For some reason, the information processes differently, and it sinks in better when I write things down, which is why there are multiple notebooks around me at any given moment.

There are three on my desk right now, each dedicated to a specific subject — an orange one for time management, a purple one for outlines and drafts, and a green one for career notes.

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