Peachy Golden Brown Cheeks and Eyes With a ’90s-Style Lip #throwbackthursday

A pic popped up in my feed a few days ago of a friend wearing a classic ’90s lip with an unblended dark outer edge, a light lipstick, and lots and lots of gloss in the center.

I was moved!

I wore the heck out of this lip look when I was in college, and apparently you can trust muscle memory to kick in when you attempt to do old favorite makeup looks, because it all came back to me like *that*.

What you’ll need

To do this type of ’90s lip look, grab the following…

  • A dark matte lip liner (I’m wearing two shades of brown).
  • An opaque matte lipstick significantly lighter than your lip liner, because you’re going for contrast here. I chose a matte beige.
  • A very shiny gloss, either clear, or in a shade that compliments your lipstick.

Step-by-step: the ’90s girl unblended lip look!

  1. Apply a layer or two of your lipstick first. I just did it directly from the tube.
  2. Line the outermost portion of your lips with the liner.

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