Product Spotlight: Covergirl Full Spectrum So Saturated Eyeshadow Palette in Reverence

We live in unprecedented, crazy times, don’t we? That is the UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY. I find myself unconsciously shaking my head in surreal disbelief all the time. So much of what we’ve been seeing lately — and by lately I’m going back way further than this month — does not compute. How many times have you caught yourself saying, “I never thought I’d ever see…”? Shock and confusion describe how I feel every day…

While its importance pales in comparison to the health, safety, economic and social issues now, makeup for me is a safe place. It’s frivolous, simple, and it’s a lot easier to solve.

My take on makeup at this time: if something’s good, that’s great, and if it’s good and affordable, that’s even better. Covergirl’s cruelty-free neutral Reverence eyeshadow palette ticks most of the boxes. For $13, you get a mini warm-toned drugstore version of the O.G. Urban Decay Naked palette. It comes with eight powder eyeshadows. On my 40-something combo skin lids, they last all day long, so no touchups required, because who has time to reapply shadow during a global pandemic? Certainly not this girl. I’m too busy pulling up my stretchy pants and baking lemon bars.

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