Product Spotlight: Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balms

I just found your latest lip addiction, a.k.a. my latest lip addiction! — but you’re not going to get addicted in a bad way, I promise.

You know how some tinted lip balms hook you into a vicious cycle of lip balm-ing yourself every 10 minutes? Not gonna happen with the Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balms, because unlike other tinted lip balms, they don’t suck every molecule of moisture from your lips and lead you to reapply them over and over…which is my main point o’ pain with most lip balms.

Small victories, ya know?

Lots of moisture

So tell your dry lips to chill already, man! You will not be looped into a dysfunctional relationship with your lip balm, and since these are practically dripping with moisture, thirsty, flaky lips will thank you for the hydrating TLC.

What they are

I love ’em. They’re like a cross between a lip balm and a creamy lipstick, so you get all the color (but not too much) and lots and lots of moisture. They’re permanent to the Honest Beauty makeup line and come in seven shades, including clear, and are an affordable $8.99 each.

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