Product Spotlight: Urban Decay Inked Brow

This cruelty-free vegan brow-filling gel is pigmented and lasts a loooong time. If you’re a fan of Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow, you’ll like this too. Inked Brow comes in seven $26 shades and is available now at UD counters and online.

Things I’ve done to dislodge Urban Decay Inked Brows from my face: 1) Chased a preschooler while they sprinted and splashed in rain puddles. 2) Grunted, thrusted and sweated (get yo’ mind out of the gutter) through a 1-hour booty building HIIT workout. 3) Sang Just What I Needed over and over for 10 minutes in the shower.


This line of long-wearing brow gels is built to last. Urban Decay even goes so far as to call it “semi-permanent” and claims it lasts up to 60 hours (with the caveat that you need to refrain from washing your brows for three days… Who does that?!).

It’s like hella pigmented maple syrup for your brows, except that it isn’t sticky and you can’t eat it…so please refrain!

My point is that the viscous formula makes it better for adding color to brows than for molding and shaping.

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