Real Makeup Life: Gnarly Brow Gel

I present to you Exhibit A.

Above is a picture of a brand-spankin’-new tube of MAC Clear brow gel (my go-to at the moment because it reigns in stray brow hairs without a stiff crunch), and um…another picture of the exact same product, but one that’s been living in my makeup bag for the past few months.

I know. Ewww. I said the same thing when I saw them next to each other.

I’m pretty sure there’s NO WAY I’m the only person on this planet whose brow gel gets gnarly like this. I mean, I’m not super proud of it or anything, and it’s probably something I shouldn’t be sharing on the Internet, but here we are. Gnarly brow gel happens.

I probably also shouldn’t be surprised, because I have a habit of running the gel through my brows *after* I fill them in (makes them look more natural IMO and less obviously filled in), and I use brow gel daily, but still…shocked!

If you use clear brow gel, does this happen to yours, too?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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