Saturday Night San Francisco Streets

I snapped a few pics in the city last weekend. El Hub and I went to meet some old friends who were visiting the city and stopped by a couple of bars for a few hours on Saturday night, mostly in the Union Square/Nob Hill area.

I used to live in San Francisco and walked all around this neighborhood when I worked in one of the tall buildings near Union Square. Just when I think I’ve seen ever corner and there’s nothing new to see, hello! — I’m wrong, and I stumble upon something I’ve never seen before. Every time I visit, I see the city with fresh eyes all over again. There’s always something fascinating and interesting to see in San Francisco.

If you’re going to visit San Francisco, it’s hard to pick a better time of year than late September and early October. Most of the summer crowds have come and gone, but the weather’s clear, warm (even at night!) and gorgeous. San Francisco gets a late summer and temps in the mid-to-upper 70s in this city.

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