Saturday Surfing, April 13th, 2019

Good morning, friend! I hope you’re doing well on this lovely Caturday. Short and sweet Saturday Surfing today (and for the squeamish, absolutely no mention of poop…other than this sentence) because it’s sunny 🌞 here right meow, and I need to get some vitamin D.

It’s absolutely necessary for me to function properly — allergies be damned! I’m a little sniffly, but you know what? The sun’s out, so the fun-bun’s coming out as well.

Um…no, my buns aren’t hanging out. 🙄 But my hair bun is!

Now for your weekly dose of reading…

  • The best thing I read all week: this piece on how cats get their makeup done for movies. Brace yourself, but the process usually involves kitties nibbling on food and treats, drinking water, and using the litter box while getting their makeup applied!
  • First, there was K-beauty. Then J-beauty. So what’s the next big thing? G-beauty, of course, according to the New York Times.
  • The simple act of washing your face can be so, so powerful.
  • Sephora’s new skin care line is in stores now, and everything is $20 or less.

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