Saturday Surfing, August 10th, 2019

Aaaaand this is the type of thing El Hub and I talk about these days, LOL! Yeah, I have a playdate…WITH. A. CAT. She’s a tortie/tabby mix, and her foster mom (a cat lady friend of mine who I exercise with) says that if she didn’t already have a house full of animals, she’d keep her in a heartbeat.

Dunno if I’m ever going to feel ready for another cat, or if I’ll ever *not* compare every single cat I meet to Tabs, but I’m gonna keep it low-key and go into the visit with an open heart and mind.

El Hub has also warned me — multiple times — about resisting the urge to bring home a family of felines on a whim (“Sweetie, you can’t just bring home five cats”), and yeah, even I can see that happening from a mile away, HA HA HA!

On that note, your beauty (and otherwise) reading for the week…

  • The next generation of biotech beauty startups are looking at viruses and bacteria as they build out their product lines.
  • Babies are the newest target consumer in the luxury skin care market.

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