Saturday Surfing, June 20th, 2020

Heya, friend. 😊 Good morning and welcome to summer! It’s officially summertime in the Northern Hemisphere. On a normal year, Connor and I would be spending lazy days at the pool…

Our homeowners association pool just opened for the season, and I’ve seen a few of my neighbors lounging about, but I’m still deciding whether to brave the water. There’s a big sign on the front gate with all of the new COVID guidelines, and I’m a little nervous about running into, well…people. I joke all the time about how the lockdown has turned me into a bit of a recluse. I’m pretty outgoing under normal circumstances, but not so much now. 😬

Am I the only one?

  • In this week’s edition of “Food-Related Collaborations,” Morphe’s launching a new limited edition makeup collection with Coca-Cola.
  • Quick question — would you buy makeup and skincare products by Kanye West?
  • Apparently, the pandemic has ushered in an era of false lashes and Crocs (as in the shoes).
  • Ah, to be wed during a pandemic… Here’s how brides who celebrated with socially distanced weddings prepared for their big day.
  • Makeup artists answer seven burning beauty questions.

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