Saturday Surfing, March 21, 2020

Good morning and happy Caturday from one cat lady’s corner of the Internet in Northern California. How YOU doing? Does the world feel topsy-turvy to you like it does to me? Is uncertainty churning in the pit of your tummy at all hours of the day and night?

Yeah, me too.

I’m naturally wired to worry, and keeping my spirits up hasn’t been easy, but I’m trying. I count my blessings often and I #stressbake. I also try to focus on simple pleasures, one of which is taking long walks with the CoyCoy every morning.

We leave the house right after breakfast and head outside to explore our neighborhood. Over the past few days, we’ve listened to birds sing, waved hi to our neighbors (from six feet away, of course), splashed in puddles, and met a new kitty neighbor.

Say hi to Nine, a gray stray who set up camp down the street from us. According to a friendly cat lady who lives nearby and feeds Nine all the time, he lives on the hill behind condo number 9, and he’s very friendly, but we’ve been told he will nip your fingers if he’s feeling feisty… We visit him every day and offer him treats if he’s around.

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