Saturday Surfing, March 28, 2020

Good morning, my friend. How are you? ❤️ No, really…HOW ARE YOU? I hope you’re feeling well, and not just physically. This is a weird time right now, and you might be struggling to adjust to the new normal (I know I am).

So, this is totally going to sound nerdy, but I actually have a “self-care” section on my weekly to-do list, because if I don’t write things down, even basic life necessity things like remembering to stay hydrated, I’ll forget.

Ah… That’s better. 😊

Some weekend reading…

  • Your fellow attendees will be mighty impressed if you wear one of these 11 simple, fun eye looks on your next Zoom meeting.
  • Across the United States and Europe, perfume companies are ramping up production of hand sanitizer.
  • Sheltering-in-place is changing how we look.
  • Did you know that Ruby Woo, MAC’s number one lipstick shade in the U.S., was a happy accident that MAC magicians/product developers stumbled onto while they were tweaking the formula for one of their other scarlet shades — Russian Red? FUN FACTS!
  • Something I’ve known for a long, long time: Pets aren’t big on surrendering space to their humans for the purposes of exercise, so forget trying to do that downw dog, plank or push-up without a cat butt in your face.

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