Saturday Surfing, March 7, 2020

Happy Caturday from this ball of lurvies, also known as PGR, also known as Pretty Girl Rosie, although, let’s get real… This lap cat isn’t just about laps. If there’s any space available on any of your body parts, she’ll hold you hostage snuggle with you for as long as your bladder will allow.

In fact, if she had her way, she would have a human available 24/7 for the sole purpose of cuddling.

I don’t mind playing the part of her cat bed this weekend because I’m still recovering from last weekend’s birthday festivities. It’s funny; I was chatting with one of the moms in the comments about how wiped out we feel after birthdays for kids, and we both agreed that our dudes don’t realize how much work goes into them. I mean, yeah, I could’ve ordered a lasagna from a restaurant or bought cupcakes from the bakery, and El Hub and Connor Claire would have probably been totally fine with that, but ya know…when someone makes you a lasagna, that’s love ❤️ right there. That’s time and energy. That’s a belly full of home-cooked food and leftovers for days.

Anywho, there will be a whole lot of recovery happening this weekend, and I intend to spend some of it with Rosie-Pose on this couch.

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