Saturday Surfing, May 30th, 2020

Please let it be known that if you choose to flaunt your oversized inflatable unicorn in your front yard, I will make it my mission in life to become your best friend.

I walked by this majestic rainbow-maned wonder the other day and thought, “Darn, I should’ve thought of that!” My second thought was, “THESE ARE MY PEOPLE.”

Drop a 🦄 in the comments if they’re your people, too.

Onto today’s reading!

  • If you’ve got monolids or hooded lids and are feeling adventurous with your eyeshadow, Teen Vogue has eight different ways to work your eye makeup, and yes, there’s glitter and gloss up in the mix!
  • Sheer, breathable base products? YES, PLEASE!
  • Makeup apps have evolved to the point where you can now virtually try on swatches.
  • An inventor engineered a tool to protect your clothes from getting makeup on them, and now I kinda want one!
  • I read a startling article this week about deepfake artificial intelligence, and all I can do is shake my head (and finalize my plan for living off the grid in a secluded cliff cave once Skynet finally wrestles control away from human beings).

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