Saturday Surfing, May 9, 2020

Hi, friend! Happy Mother’s Day Eve. 🌷 Short and sweet intro today, as my services are required in the front yard. We’re in the midst of a front yard makeover, and I am the team’s official “remover of all the randomly placed rocks.” Sometimes I also serve as the unofficial “dead leaf scraper.”

It’s a hoot.

So, while I go do my best to avoid crossing paths with giant earthworms (it’s a weird, irrational fear), here are some articles and videos that caught my eye this week…

  • How the pandemic is changing beauty spending habits
  • Yes, this is a thing —-People are painting tiny faces on their noses.
  • I just started watching this show on Netflix called Hollywood, mostly for the ’40s-era makeup, hair and clothes. According to cosmetics historian Gabriela Hernandez, “There were only three or four reds you could use in that time period, and that’s what we did,” she says. “There’s a brighter red, a deeper red, and then a dark red. We wanted it to be very authentic.”
  • The NY Times ponders the question, “How Will We Buy Our Perfume Now?”
  • Speaking of scents, here’s how to make your own DIY fragrance, step-by-step.

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