Saturday Surfing, Nov. 30th, 2019

Well, who would’ve thunk it? An edition of Saturday Surfing at a time during which there’s a slim chance this girl could actually go surfing?

Mind you, it’s a slim chance…because I’m at a season in life when I only want to do ocean activities that involve a beach umbrella, a book and a comfortable lounge chair.

But there’s a chance!

For now, how about we surf some calm digital waves with this week’s beauty stories instead?

  • Movie makeup artists from Rocketman, Downton Abbey (YES) and Bombshell chat about filmmaking challenges, including the use of prosthetics, emerging anti-aging technology, and wigs, along with some of the things that doing makeup for the big screen demands.
  • Looking for some makeup inspiration today? Here are Allure’s best hair and makeup looks from this year’s American Music Awards.
  • How brands are responding to concerns about the environmental footprint of limited edition holiday sets
  • Skincare pioneer Dr. Nicholas Perricone answers a sh*t-ton of interesting questions in this article. (Why do I love articles like this so much? I have no idea.)
  • What it’s like to get your hair cut by a student learning their craft.

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