Saturday Surfing, Sep. 7th, 2019

Here’s a Caturday meta moment for ya: behold, a selfie of a selfie, with one of them taken from a toy smartphone that makes a shutter *click* sound.

And, chances are you’re looking at this pic on your smartphone right now, so that would be a picture of a picture of a picture…

SAY WHAT?! I know, I’m blowing your mind right meow. 🙀😁

Oh, and after that selfie session, Connor Claire pretended to text the pic to me and her dad before answering a pretend call from her preschool BFF. “Hewo, Kenswee? This is Connor.”

If you happen to have a kitty 🐈 on your lap this morning, please give him/her my regards, and come say hi in the comments.

On that note, today’s reading…

  • This new beauty exhibit at the African American Museum of Iowa explores the culture of black hair.
  • 5 ways to “wash” (air quotes) hair sans shampoo
  • Google Trends data tells us that society’s view on gray hair is changing, as there’s been a 39% rise in searches for “natural grey hair” since 2012.
  • Excoriation disorder — or skin picking — affects roughly 1.4 percent of the population, and it’s categorized as an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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