Shelter-In-Place Face of the Day: Soft Peach, Rose and Buttery Brown Tones

Ya know, seeing as how I spend every waking moment right now at home or somewhere within close proximity outside, and I can technically wear any kind of makeup I want, since my boss (the coywolf) is easygoing regarding the corporate dress code, you’d think I’d be all over runway-ready glossy red lids and lips and ’80s-style striped blush on my cheekbones…

My makeup situation is nowhere near this exciting at the moment…

But, alas, absolutely nothing exciting has been happening ’round these parts.

To be honest, I haven’t felt like wearing much makeup, and when I have worn makeup, I’ve only been able to muster enough to energy to yooj a barely-there base and watercolor neutrals — a.k.a. my makeup safe place.

For now, I’m not gonna fight it. I’m just going go with the shelter-in-place flow, and keep wearing what makes me feel good until I feel like pushing the envelope. So, today I wore peach and rose tones on my lids, lips and cheeks, with a Duchess of Sussex-caliber barely there base.

Are you still wearing makeup (or dressing up, doing your hair, etc.) at home?

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