Shelter in Place / Social Distancing / Homeschooling Activity: Fun With Photography

Looking for something fun, educational and interactive to do with your little one? Try showing them how to use the camera on your phone to take pics of the great outdoors while you’re on a walk. See the world through their eyes!

Every morning, rain or shine, without fail, during the stay-at-home order we’re under here in California, Connor Claire and I go out for a walk around the neighborhood, so we can get some fresh air, stretch our legs, and get allllll the wiggles out. We’re usually out about an hour, which is enough time to wear her out before her nap, and that nap time is golden! (I’ll usually do some work or squeeze in a workout.)

Sometimes, we’ll just casually wander around and check out flowers and say hi to the neighborhood cats, but other times I’ll try to do a more structured outdoor activity to keep things interesting, like this one: learning how to take pictures.

You definitely don’t need any fancy equipment. Your phone (ideally, with a sturdy case and a screen protector in case of accidental drops) or an old digital camera will work fine.

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