Spring Makeup Ideas: Shimmering Shades of Green

I call this “the look that almost never was.” Like “the land that time forgot.” LOL. It happened on accident last week while CoyCoy was napping in her fort.

You know how wet leaves seem to look greener and lusher and shinier than usual under a gray spring sky? (Or is that just to me?) I swear, it’s like the color transitions are more obvious. Even in a blade of grass, it’s easy to see where the moss green fades into a dark forest green.

I wanted a similar vibe of wet, green gradients on my lids, so I took out some NARS neutrals, along with a healthy handful of Urban Decay green shadows (they do the most technicolor greens; so does Make Up For Ever), with the intention of doing just my left eye with green, and then a completely different look on the other eye just for fun. Side note: Do you ever do this, too?

Look breakdown

Anyway, I liked it enough to keep going, and then this happy makeup accident happened.

I’m wearing golden brown and beige mattes in my crease with a sweep of olive green in the lower portion of my crease.

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