Have you ever been to a Duke’s before in Hawaii? Well, you may not know this, but that chain of restaurants started out as D & T’s, for Duke and Tabs, back when Tabs was doing a lot of kitty modeling work in the islands, and he partnered with a local surf guru/restauranteur.

Everyone in the islands knew Tabs primarily because of his surfing ability, but he also had a successful line of custom kitty surfboards. Basically, if you were a pro kitty surfer in Hawaii between 2007-2019, you rode a Big Kitty Kahuna surfboard by Tabs.

Tabs just loved going to Hawaii to unwind. He could really let his fur down there and recharge his batteries, so he always made a point of visiting the islands at least four times per year. (He only flew first class on Hawaiian, of course.)

Fun fact: There’s a Tabs statue in the works. It’s going to be placed right next to the famous Duke Kahanamoku statue on Waikiki Beach.

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