The DKNY Fusion Perfect Bra Is a Bad-@ss Brassiere

Transcript of me talking to a stranger in a Nordstrom Rack fitting room a few weeks ago:

Me: “Oh, my god. Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod. OH. MY. GAWD!”

Stranger in the stall next to me: *knocks politely on wall* “Miss? Are you doing OK?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m OK. I’m so sorry. I forget sometimes that I’m, ya know, out in public.”

Stranger in the stall next to me: “Erh… Alright.”

This exchanged happened as I was trying on the DKNY Fusion Perfect Bra, a lightly padded underwire t-shirt bra.

This exchange also happened shortly before I bought all of the available Fusion Perfect Bras in my size in the store (there were two!), and a few hours prior to me buying three more online at

Seriously, SO GOOD.

My new favorite affordable everyday bra

The Fusion Perfect Bra is regularly $42, but it’s on sale now for $18.97 at “DA RACK,” as I like to call it, and while a few of the colors are sold out, there are still a good number of sizes and shades available.

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