Unsolicited Life (and Lipstick) Tip

Unsolicited life tip: Do not keep your lipsticks in your pocket unless you want to sentence them to certain death.

I’m wondering if there’s such a thing as “makeup Mercury in retrograde?” Or am I just cursed to never have another tube of Velvet Teddy again? Because this is the second tube of MAC Velvet Teddy I’ve mangled in less than a week!

First there was the tube — which by the way, I’M NOT GOING TO USE — that fell in my toilet. I tossed it out and reordered a tube with the LE packaging from the MAC site. Side note: Breathing an internal sigh of relief *HERE*.

Anyway, yeah, that tube in the top pic was the backup I kept on hand for unforeseen Velvet Teddy emergencies (a legit fear), but it’s not in working order anymore because I put it in the pocket of my high-rise mom jeans last week and forgot about it, only to remember when I found it in the washer, completely soaked, after I’d just finished a load.

On the bright site, thank goodness it didn’t open while it was tumbling amidst the suds, or even worse, make its way into the dryer.

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