What Are Some Beauty-Related Things You’ve Learned About Yourself Lately?

What are some beauty-related things you’ve learned about yourself lately? Inquiring minds want to know. 😁

I never thought a mandatory shelter-in-place order would be so enlightening, beauty-wise, but I also never thought I’d see a global pandemic, so there ya go. 🤷

Here are three of mine:

1. I can’t handle my base looking or feeling heavy at all in any way (and it’s giving me déjà vu).

This is a complete 180 from my makeup style a few years ago, when I’d wear a full-glam face — lashes and contour and everything! — just to go get emergency M&Ms and a loaf of bread at the store. Now, if I feel even remotely like I’m wearing one more brushstroke of product than necessary on my cheeks, I’ll remove everything and start again.

It’s interesting to me how my makeup tastes have changed over the years. (Probably a good idea that I didn’t get any permanent makeup done.)
2. I’ve rediscovered my love for drugstore beauty products.

I’ve always loved drugstore beauty products, but over the years I’ve swayed back and forth between preferring higher end or budget beauty.

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