15 Awesome Ideas for Summer Outfits to Stay Chic and Cool this Year.

Even though 2020 is full of surprises we are slowly but surely getting back to a normal rhythm of life after this whole pandemic situation. Spring is about to bid farewell and the sunny days of summer are just around the corner so isn’t this the perfect time to organize your wardrobe and upgrade your collection of summer outfits?

You may already own many wardrobe staples such as jeans, pants, tees, skirts and crop tops. So reading this article can help you with different ideas on how to style your summer outfits . So Have a look at some interesting one-piece wears like sundresses, shirt dress and maxi clothes so you also know what to look for and buy on your next shopping trip. However before you explore these summer outfit ideas, learn about these few comfy summer fabrics:

  • Cotton tops the list for best skin-friendly fabrics. It also absorbs sweat and moisture.
  • Rayon is blended fabric made with different combinations and it works well in summer
  • Linen is both light weight and breathable but make sure to go for thin linen when shopping for hot season. 
  • Silk is widely used for formal dresses and it also adjusts according to body temperature. 
  • Denim is also cotton woven but it’s a bit heavy in weight. It makes a good choice for shorts and miniskirts. 

Do’s of Summer Fashion

  • Invest in some useful accessories like brimmed straw hats, woven circular hand bags and feathery jewelry.
  • Up cycle your denim jacket by adding some DIY embroidery for an eye-catching casual outerwear.
  • Carefully try on each dress before buying to make sure it’s the right fit or get your measurement done with the help of someone to choose right size when shopping online.
  • Apply sunscreen on hands when wearing sleeveless tops and also moisturize your skin often so the summer sun doesn’t burn your skin
  • Buy some stylish headscarves for those extra hot and humid days during the summertime

Don’t of Summer Fashion

  • Don’t do excessive layering and pairing color on color. Stick to basic combo like white or pastel.
  • Don’t go all-denim. Only pair one piece such as skirt, jeans or jacket at a time.
  • Don’t choose dark colors. Keep things light or neutral  to balance the outfit
  • Don’t wear too much metal jewelry like bangles and dangling earrings as they heat up. 
  • Don’t walk out wearing black boots and crocs in summer. 

15- Mini Skirt with an Off-Shoulder Top

Miniskirts have sneaked back into fashion so now it’s a super option for a comfy summer outfit this year. Pair an off-shoulder top with a plain mini and matching wedges to create casual outing look. Play around with floral prints and pastels but make sure to choose the right skirt size and do proper under-pinning before you flaunt your curves. After all, wardrobe malfunction is not at all cool. 

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