With all the glamorous media coverage, sometimes we really get carried away with this glamour and start to follow fashion trends blindly no matter whether they suit us or not, we are comfortable in them or not, and we even like them or not. You should not become a fashion slave so much that you are even ready to even compromise on your comfort.

For instance, shorter women (5’ or below”) always like to wear high heels no matter how much they are uncomfortable in it. Women can even suffer pain wearing high heels just to look taller than others. However, we need to do embrace the reality here. There are a few things in life you can never change such as height, age or color etc. All of them are natural and one cannot control it and if you try to control it, they must come at some cost. You have to stay uncomfortable all the time when you’re wearing high heels or having some anti-aging medications will certainly come in severe mental or physical side effects eventually.

 If you’re shorter, you just need to embrace your height and wear what you like to. Prefer your comfort to current fashion trends. Even if you want to look taller, you don’t have to wear high heels all the time. You can even try different outfits which can make you look taller. Here are some outfits for shorter women to try instead of wearing painful high heels all the time:

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