To say that these past couple of weeks have taken a toll on me would definitely be an understatement. As if a global pandemic wasn’t enough, the bubbling up of racism in this country as the world witnessed the murder of George Floyd just sent things over the edge. I have shared many of my thoughts about this on Instagram and I encourage you to read if you have not already. And although this is a very difficult time for the world and black people specifically, I cannot be more proud to be a black woman. I have always felt immense pride in being black, despite what we have faced as a people. I come from a long line of unparalleled resiliency that runs through my veins. It is a part of me and it lets me know that we will overcome, despite our circumstances. Like Maya Angelou so eloquently stated, still we rise!

So although there is much work to be done ahead, I am hopeful in looking at the future. The work is just beginning and although many conversations have started, it must be followed up with action. And that goes from the smallest level of asking why a brand does not have more diverse campaigns to higher levels or calling on/voting for elected officials that will enact real change. I appreciate all of the ears that have been open and eager to listen. I appreciate the muting of your voice so that others that don’t typically have a platform can be heard. I appreciate the love and support. Thank you!


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Top: New York & Company | Jeans: Loft (old) | Bag (old)

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

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