I had thoughts before about wishing and wanting things to get back to normal. Normal was when I could go on dinner dates or to brunch with my friends. It was when I could travel without thinking twice. Hell, it was when I could go to the grocery store without thinking twice. It was when I felt free to post my outfits and not feel the weight of our current circumstances on my shoulders. But what I realized is that this is the new normal. The things that have occurred in this nation and across the world are events that have changed us, whether good or bad. The rise of a global pandemic and the uprising of a movement against the injustices of black people happening simultaneously is our current normal. And there’s really no set way to navigate through all of this. At times, I am very vocal and passionate. Other times I need some relief from it all. I’m trying to find a happy balance between the two but also thinking, is there even such a thing?

Life is so multi-layered and multi-faceted. There’s no right or wrong way to address our new set of normal. But one thing I do know is, that my voice needs to continue to be heard. And by voice, I don’t always mean me being vocal. Posting an outfit as a proud plus-size, black woman who is confident in all aspects of her skin is a voice. Being featured on campaigns by major brands of where diversity is not always seen is a voice. And of course, continuing to highlight biases, prejudices and flat out racism will always be an expression of my voice.

I’m thankful that you all have given me a platform and a ear to listen. Changing the system in which we life starts from the smallest level to the very top so I’m grateful that I have been given this opportunity. Continue to listen and act!


Outfit Details:

Top: Eloquii (sold out unfortunately) | Jeans: Democracy | Purse: Walmart | Shoes (old)

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

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